Meet your CEO

From working for the Post Office for 9 long years, I decided to step out on faith and start my own business.  All my life, it's been a goal of mines to be my own boss.  After many years of pushing what I held close to my heart to the back burner, I decided to GO FOR IT! I left my government job and stepped into the unknown.  My faith and trust in God kept me afloat while dealing with this transition to becoming a business owner.  Of course, when you make the best decision for your life, people on the outside always have their opinion about what's best for you.  I never let that distract me, I kept my focus and kept pushing.  This small town girl has big dreams that she refused to continue to set aside.  

One of the main reasons that I wanted to be my own boss is to have freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted.  I hated getting permission to take vacations, to spend time with the people I love, etc.  When I became a mother at the age of 34, I use to hate missing precious moments when my son learned new things, etc.

Unlimited Prosperity Staffing is for all the Single/Stay at home moms that is looking for that work/life balance.  It is for that college student that need a source of income that gives them the flexibility to work around their schedules.  This staffing agency will be able to benefit anyone's lifestyle and provide them with a good source of income and the ability to set their own schedule every week.  

Not only will we be helping to place you into work from home positions, we will also soon be offering resources to help improve every aspect of life.