About Us

Unlimited Prosperity Staffing is a Virtual Call Center that recruits agents to provide excellent customer service support to some well known Fortune 500 companies.  We have partnered up with one of the top staffing agency that have been around for over 20 years in order to assist with placing individuals in positions that best fit them.  We have the luxury of using their platform in order to connect our agents with the ability to apply and certify to service clients all over the United States.  Agents can average between $10 to $16 a hour and also have the benefit of setting their own schedule.

Our mission is to help individuals reach the level of success they desire.  Having a traditional job that you have to report to work at the time that your boss set is what works for some.  However, there are a lot of individuals that would like the ability to work when they want to and have the freedom to spend time with the people they love whenever they please.  

By joining our staffing agency, you are taking the necessary steps towards freedom.

Freedom to select your own hours

Freedom to wear what you want

Freedom to take vacations when you want

Freedom away from an unfair boss

By being affiliated with Unlimited Prosperity Staffing, we not only assist you throughout your work from home journey, we are also dedicated to help you improve in all aspects of life.